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Compiling a group tour is a sizeable and complicated task, so it is here at TourFocus where we aim to assist in making this task simpler by taking away  the more time consuming back of house tasks, leaving you time to focus on your customers and development of your business. 


We assist in the creation of European group tour itineraries according to your particular requirements.  The following are some examples of programs we can help with, though not limited to :​​

Leisure Tours          Sports Groups          Garden Tours

      School Tours            Pilgrimage                 Battlefield Tours 


We have an established and diverse range of reliable partners in Europe with whom we work to construct a tour programme for your tours. Should you, however, have a preferred and trusted supplier we are not limited to our network work but are flexible to use alternate suppliers as you may request.

Service Reservation

With a tour involving many different components we look after all the operational contact with suppliers, leaving you to have one point of contact for all your group requests. 

Working Documentation

While travelling on the road it is important for your Tour Manager to have a comprehensive set of tour documentation, detailing all aspects of the tour and relevant contacts.

Coordination Service

24 hours coordination service with your tour manager while travelling

Supplier Deadlines

With a group tour there are numerous deadlines from suppliers, whether this be deposits, options, cancellation or final number deadlines, Tourfocus will assist to monitor these for you and send timely reminders.

Information Base

Act as an information base to assist with your European tour planning and other matters as required.

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